Small Business and Personal Services

Computerized Bookkeeping

  • We support both Sage 50, and QuickBooks products, using either depending on the client's preference for small and medium size business.
  • We will prepare your books on a monthly basis from your source documents. This can be done either in our office or remotely through a secure internet connection to books on your office’s computers.
  • We prepare all necessary GST and PST returns.
  • We can prepare payroll, using either cheques or electronic funds transfer. The payroll service includes preparation of your T4's and T4 summary.
  • We can provide monthly financial statements.

We can design and set up a set of books for you. We have designed software solutions for construction and land development companies, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.

Payroll Services

Helenah Wu & Co. Inc. currently provides payroll services to clients whose payroll size ranges from several employees to more than 50. Our services include:

  • Preparation of your payrolls each period.
  • Preparation cheques and payroll stubs or perform electronic transfer of funds directly from your bank account to each of your employee's accounts. Payroll stubs are prepared for all electronic transfer clients.
  • Providing a report detailing the employee and employer deductions required to be remitted on whatever interval you are required to file on.
  • Preparation of T4's and the T4 summary at the end of the year.
  • Tracking union deductions and remittances by employee and prepare the necessary union reports.
  • Answering your questions as they relate to the BC Labor Standards Act.

GST and PST Filing

  • As part of our Computerized Bookkeeping Service we will prepare the necessary GST and PST returns for you.
  • In the event that the Canada Revenue Agency or the Provincial Ministry of Finance audits these areas we will be available represent you and act as your advocates throughout the entire process. Financial Statement Reporting for proprietorship, partnership and corporations.
  • Compilation Engagement
  • Review Engagement
  • Specified Auditing Procedures

Post Financial Statement Management

In addition to your historical financial statements, you may need to prepare future oriented financial information. From cash flows to complete financial projections, we can do it all for you.

Corporate Income Tax

  • Part of our services provided in each of the engagement types are shown on the accounting and auditing service page. This includes the preparation of the T2 Corporation Income Tax Return. The fee for this service is included in the fee ranges quoted.
  • We will provide tax planning designed to defer and/or reduce income taxes so that you will only pay the legal minimum amount.
  • If your business is audited by the Canada Revenue Agency we will be available to represent you and act as your advocates during the entire process. In the event that legal advice is required we have a close association with a firm of tax lawyers that we have worked with for many years.

Small Business Analysis and Training

  • You may have just started out and want to know what steps you need to make your business successful.
  • You may have a family member that wants to do your bookkeeping but has no training.
  • You may need a filing or other office administration system designed and implemented.
  • You may want to keep business statistics on the spreadsheet program in your computer but you don't know how to use it.

Again, these are a few examples of training we have provided to our clients.